BMW M turns 40 with Big Bash at Oldtimer Grand Prix

The BMW M GmbH is turning 40 this year and its parent car company will be throwing it a party at the Nürburgring track at Germany’s biggest classic car race. Coincidentally, the Oldtimer Grand Prix is turning 40 this year as well.

Party organizers believe that around 60,000 spectators will join the double birthday bash that will run from August 10 to August 12. They will be treated to a huge display of BMW M cars including at least five race cars: a pair of BMW M1 Group 4 racers, 1987 BMW M3 Group A model, a BMW 320 Group 5 car, and a 1995 BMW 320i STW. Also in addition will be those who drive such cars such as four of the top touring car drivers Marc Hessel, Marc Surer, Prince Leopold of Bavaria, and Dieter Quester.