First Glimpse: 2014 M3 (Twin, Tri Turbo?)

The new 2014 BMW M3 sedan has noticeable changes over the 2013 BMW M3 series sedan. It has bulging fenders visible at the back and the whole front fascia is fitted with bigger air intakes and LED lights. We can also clearly see the outline of the BMW head lights. It is not yet clear […]

More Details: M3 Tornado RS

The German tuning company G Power recently introduced a latest model M3 Tornado RS. It has the G Power SK III “Sporty Drive” super charger system, a custom cooling system and a carbon fiber box. This car also is equipped with a titanium exhaust system, metallic catalytic converters, and as we mentioned in the previous […]

Turn Your M3 Into a Le Mans Racer…For 69K Euros

The German tuning company CLP automotive has a body kit that gives us everything we need to turn BMW M3 into a replica of Le Mans’ reigning GT class champ. Let’s be honest:  buying a real M3 GT is quite difficult because of its cost just to begin with. The total cost of conversion is […]

G-Power M3 Tornado RS: 720 hp!

G-Power M3 Tornado RS has gained the reputation of being the most powerful BMW M3 in the world. G-Power has recently released this model, with a horsepower of 720. Its accelaration is incredible with a sprint time of 3.7 seconds 0-60 and it can reach the speed of 200 mph within 9.5 seconds. The M3 […]

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